Managing and Monitoring Change

A key strategic objective in any organization is to achieve the best performance possible. Success or failure depends on many factors, an important one being culture. Culture and strategy are two sides of the same coin: a problem with one will affect the other.

Technically, it may be relatively easy to introduce new technology, flexible and remote working, and new structures. But mentally, getting people to support such change, it is a more complex task. We may be inclined to perceive resistance as an irrational response, to be tackled with rational persuasion. However, individuals always perceive their own behavior as rational.

The Corporate Culture Scan helps you manage change by measuring the different phases of progress. It measures behavior, the only proof that beliefs have changed.

The CCS can be used to monitor the change process, locate resistance and support, and build team spirit by using the reporting from the CCS as input for a discussion with teams and departments.

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