Construction and methodology
The Corporate Culture Scan measures on the four dimensions of the Model of Freedom, which explains why you do not find the more common cultural assessment questions here. Questions about the usage of handshakes, titles or dress codes, or the generic questions regarding opinions like ‘are we having an open or closed culture’, are replaced by behavioral questions.

In the first eight pages we measure key elements of organisational cultural behavior. The next two pages contain crosschecks and fine-tuning. We close the questionnaire with an Appreciative Inquiry into the strengths of the culture.

The scan results in an automated fully-fledged report on the main aspects of organisational culture. Although based on the underlying Model of Freedom, users do not need to master this model to interpret the report’s key findings. Our consultants, accredited in the Model of Freedom, will however add value to the presentation of the results, and we recommend their involvement in your project.

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