The Corporate Culture Scan©
Organisational culture determines the preferred styles when communicating, meeting, decision making, leading and cooperating. Department, unit and team cultures are strongly influenced by the organisational culture, but may have quite distinct features, depending on their function in the organization. The Corporate Culture Scan maps both the overall picture and the sub-cultures.

What is the added value of the Corporate Culture Scan©?

The Corporate Culture Scan (CCS) assesses the perceived current culture in the organisation. It measures the culture that is actually expressed in behaviour, which might deviate from the culture as laid down in the official documents of the organisation.

In Coaching the CCS offers a clear picture of the organisational cultural environment of the client. You gain insights in the working environment of your client, enabling you to target the really important issues, right from the start.

In Human Resources Management the CCS facilitates the perfect match between the corporate culture and prospective staff members. In times of change, the CCS will prove its value when developing your retention and job mobility strategies.

In Change processes the CCS monitors the human aspects of introducing new systems or regulations. The CCS is a cost-effective attribute when managing organisational cultural change processes.

In Cultural Due Diligence the CCS compares the corporate cultures of the partners in an M&A-process. With the CCS you map the cultures of business units. This enriches your standard due diligence and prevents surprises in the ongoing process.

In Post-merger Integration processes, the focus is on cultural integration in a transitional period. The CCS enables people to understand what is happening, and why. In sessions in which the CCS report is presented, people can effectively communicate their worries and influence the process.

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