Cultural Due Diligence
One out of every three mergers fails to achieve its business objectives for cultural reasons. To avoid the culture trap, we developed the Corporate Culture Scan (CCS), a diagnostic tool to upgrade the regular due diligence process, by assessing the corporate cultures of two or more business units.

Assessments themselves do not escape a cultural bias. Most cultural assessment tools derive from American business schools, and focus on the visible and tangible, the concrete. We have learned through many years of experience, that key factors of corporate culture in Europe and Asia are the deep beliefs concerning leadership styles, system needs, task orientation and teamwork. Assessing these layers is the first step to build trust, right from the start, and helps to develop a successful integration and retention strategy.

The Cultural Due Diligence is the process of assessing, defining and mapping the cultures of companies in the earliest possible phase of a deal effort. In the case of M&A, it should be combined with regular due diligence processes. The assessment through the should be used as a fundamental input for the development of integration plans Throughout the integration process, the CCS can measure progress, thus indicating whether HRM is being aligned to business objectives. We report the outcome of each scan by e-mail, and remain available for input until the process is completed.

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