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All tools on this website are developed to support associated professionals and consulting companies in serving their clients in a cost-effective way. These tools can be part of a coaching project, a change management project, cultural due diligence or any process in which measuring the influence of culture is important.

Our tools become your tools
We designed our tools in such a way that you can fully integrate them in your services, without referring to our company. Although we retain the copyrights, you are allowed to present the tools in the format of your organisation. If you wish, you will receive a direct link to your own login page on this website. That page shows your own text and logo, and does not give access to the other pages of this website. The direct link can be integrated in your website or e-mail.

The Corporate Culture Scan© (CCS)

Username and password
For the CCS associates can buy an account and create a username and password that give their clients access to the questionnaire. This username and password allow inviting as many clients as needed for one report. To identify and compare cultures of several teams/departments, a username and password for a separate scan of each of them are needed.

Your clients are only known and contacted by you. The username identifies the organisation, but individuals are not traceable in our database. The only exception is a coaching situation in which a person volunteers to be identifiable.
The ownership of the research is yours. Corporate Cultures Scans are deleted from our database after termination of the project.

You can access the report during and after the project with a second password, delivered only to you. The report can be transformed into a Word-document, so you can customise it with the name, logo and lay-out of your organisation. Alternatively, the report can also be downloaded as a PDF, and will show no traces of originating from this website.

Personal Cultural Profiler© (PCP) & ReadyToGo© (RTG)

Username and password
The PCP version 1 (no report) e-mails the scores of your client in the Model of Freedom as part of your workshop. It is free for associates, who may sell them to their clients. The number of clients is unlimited.

For the PCP version 2 (extensive report), associates need to buy accounts for which they can create clients’ access. Version 2 of the PCP can be used as part of your services, or sold as a stand-alone.

The RTG builds on the PCP version 2 (with reporting function), and the RTG report compares the PCP profile with the national culture profile of a chosen country. It also gives access to the full Country Culture Profile of that country.

You need to buy an account to create access for your clients. With this account, your client is entitled to download 1. a full PCP report; 2. a RTG report with executive summary of the PCP report and a lean comparison with a country culture; 3. a full report of a Country Culture Profile (maximum 5).

PCP and RTG are personal assessments. Organisation, name and function need to be filled out in the questionnaires. Personal data will not be stored in our database.

The automated reports on individuals are sent instantaneously.

Country Culture Profiles©

PCP version 2 enables clients to download a maximum of 5 Country Culture Profiles (CCPs). To download the PDF, clients need to login at the Country Culture Profiles page and add ’CCP’ directly after their password for the PCP.

Please contact us for further information.

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