Personal Cultural Profiler©
The Personal Cultural Profiler (PCP) assesses personally preferred behaviour in a management environment. The PCP is an online questionnaire with 40 items, targeting four dimensions: individuality, community, authority and systems.

The result indicates the strengths and weaknesses of an individual in a specific cultural setting (organisational or national). The PCP version 1 only e-mails the scores in the Model of Freedom. PCP version 2 generates an extensive report explaining the scores in the Model of Freedom

Personal profiles can be visualised in the Model of Freedom, and can be compared with team, departmental, organisational or national cultures. These comparisons pinpoint the opportunities to reconcile cultural differences, which enhances team performances.

The results of the PCP version 1 need a thorough analysis, which can only be performed by our Accredited Associates. You will receive feedback in a workshop. Alternatively, we can provide live feedback for teams or individuals, including coaching sessions. If preferred, we can offer individuals a feedback session by skype or telephone.

Below an example of the PCP questionnaire:

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