Creating Cultural Advantage

This website hosts several cultural assessment and analysis tools, designed to support you, your team and your organisation in creating cultural advantage. We can help create cultural advantage by assessing personal cultural strengths, measuring team and corporate cultures, comparing country culture profiles or measuring your level of applied cultural intelligence.

The online assessment and analysis tools are accessible to our expert team - the Model of Freedom Associates - and the clients they grant access. Associates thus use the tools to support their coaching, training and consulting activities in a cost-effective way.

To learn more about our web-based tools, please see the overview below. Just click on a particular tool for more information.

Organisational level Web-based tool

Country Culture Profiles help the professional traveler to gain quick insight in a country’s national culture.

The ReadyToGo tool compares a personal profile with the cultural profile of a chosen country, and highlights similarities and differences.

The Omoiyari Scan assesses the organisational ability to support value creation from differences between people.

Functional department

The Corporate Culture Scan (CCS) assesses the perceived current culture in the organization and compares it to the desired culture.


The Personal Cultural Profiler assesses personally preferred behaviour in a management environment.

The Applied Cultural Intelligence tool assesses the individual level of cultural awareness.