Web-based tools

Members of the Model of Freedom Association can use the online assessment and analysis tools to support their coaching, training and consulting activities.

Omoiyari Scan

Omoiyari is the Japanese principal of cherishing differences between oneself and others. It is a way of thinking and acting that aims for mutual understanding through examining other’s perspectives.

The Omoiyari Scan is an online tool that measures the perceived level of omoiyari in a client’s team or organisation. It measures the organisational ability to support value creation from differences between people. Understanding the current level of omoiyari and where it could be improved enables clients to use the full potential of diversity. The Scan is filled out individually, and anonymous. The aggregate scores of a team, department or organisation give meaning to the scores, and result in an average individual, team and organisational omoiyari level.

The results are fed back to clients as they desire, either through a written report or in a presentation. The results can serve as the starting point for various professional and organisational development programmes, workshops or coaching sessions.

The Omoiyari Scan is available in English.