Web-based tools

Members of the Model of Freedom Association can use the online assessment and analysis tools to support their coaching, training and consulting activities.

Corporate Culture Scan

Organisational culture determines the preferred styles when communicating, meeting, decision making, leading and cooperating. Department, unit and team cultures are strongly influenced by the organisational culture, but may have quite distinct features, depending on their function in the organisation. The Corporate Culture Scan maps both the overall picture and the sub-cultures.

As organisational culture deals with behaviour, experiences, beliefs and values, it is important to uncover what people actually perceive as going on. This is exactly what the Corporate Culture Scan (CCS) does: it measures the culture that is actually expressed in behaviour. It provides information on the perceived organisational culture (the way it is), and how this differs from the desired culture (the way it should be).

The scan is a group assessment meant for teams, departments or entire organisations. Individual participant’s responses cannot be traced in any way, guaranteeing anonymity.

The scan results in an automated report on the main aspects of organisational culture, supporting Associates in translating the results to the customer’s need. Interpreting scan results cannot be done without expert knowledge of the underlying Model of Freedom.

The Corporate Culture Scan is available to clients in English, German, French, Dutch and Finnish. The generated report is available in English only.